4 Prosthetic Works of Art From the Alternative Limb Project

Alternative Limb Project

What if you could turn your disability into an opportunity for expression? How about superpowers, or at least special powers?…

The Alternative Limb Project has been creating realistic and alternative prosthetic limbs since a 2-year-old inspired them to think more creatively about the process.

Their collaborations with the people who wear the prosthetics are essential to the process.

Most of the limbs created by the project are the work of Sophie de Oliveira Barata, a sculptor who studied special effects prosthetics for film and television production before making realistic prosthetics for amputees and founding the ALP.

Here are four of her incredible collaborations:

Snake Arm

Jo-Jo Cranfield is a British swimmer, educator, and motivational speaker.

“I’ve never seen the interest in having a prosthetic arm, they are heavy, uncomfortable and not at all practical.

“I wanted people to have to look at me twice with amazement. … My alternative arm makes me feel powerful, different and sexy!”

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