You Can Buy Your Cat a Halloween Costume, So Drop Everything and Check Em Out

Photo Credit: Amazon

You might need to mentally prepare yourself for the amount of cuteness that’s going to fill these pages below, because you guys – Amazon is selling Halloween costumes for cats.

Let’s leave aside the obvious fact that obviously the majority of cats in this world have no interest in dressing up in costume (unless it involves getting a can of tuna), and focus on the fact that we are bigger and stronger and, if we’re willing to go against a few snarls and claws, we can create cuteness for the ages.

Here are 7 of my favorites, complete with pictures.

#7. Piece of Pizza

Photo Credit: Amazon

Do you and your cat share a love of the pizza pie? This costume can only bring you closer together!

#6. Sheriff Kitty

Photo Credit: Amazon

If your cat seems like he would like to swagger through town with a gun on each furry hip, well, now he can. I wouldn’t advise giving him real guns, though.

#5. Cat, M.D.

Photo Credit: Amazon

This is just ridiculous and it makes me love it all the more.

#4. BatCat

Photo Credit: Amazon

It’s simple, but if you’ve got a black cat, I don’t know how you could go wrong.

#3. Lion Mane

Photo Credit: Amazon

Because every cat has the soul of a lion.

#2. UniKitty

Photo Credit: Amazon

Your cat is one of a kind, and also unicorns. How can you go wrong?

#1. A pumpkin for your pumpkin.

Photo Credit: Amazon

You can never go wrong with a classic.

We know it’s exciting, but try to contain yourself in your rush to buy a costume. Or a cat. Or both.