You Can Go Back in Time, But Retain All Your Knowledge. Would You? 15 People Share.

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Everyone has posed or been posed this question at some point in their life – if you could drop your life, go back in time (in this case 8 years) and redo the last decade with all of your current knowledge, would you?

For me, that would be no, since the last decade brought me my husband and my boys, but it gets trickier for me to answer if you offer to let me go further back and just, you know. Tweak a few things.

These 15 Redditors all stood up and answered, and some of their responses just might surprise you.

15. Just to have a bit more time.

Oh yeah. My mom passed away in 2013.

14. There’s gotta be one.

I’m the bitcoin investment comment.

13. Any time spent on worrying what other people think has been wasted.

Yes, those were the skinny years I wasted thinking I was fat.

12. So many of these sad posts. Go to the doctor, people!

I would tell my dad to get regular scans so that they catch his cancer before its too late. I miss you dad.

11. 8 years experience really is a big selling point.


I’d never give the poor excuse of a boyfriend I had a chance that year.

I’d save more money use it wisely and I’d be a hell of a lot more confident mostly because I’d keep the extra 8 years experience.

10. Never put off until tomorrow what you could do today.

In a fucking heartbeat.

My entire life crashed because of one decision I made in 2012. I don’t care about the money, I just want the chance to fix myself and be ok.

9. Sounds like he might have a good reason.

That was 6 months before i got seriously injured for the fist time… I think i’d take it.

8. A travel buddy is always nice to have.


I would have 8 years of memories with my husband that he wouldn’t have.

Plus I’d have to live through him losing has dad again, and that was brutal.

But if we could both go back, then yes, absolutely.

7. Definitely a temptation.

Yes. With everything I know now, I could easily go back and be a millionaire.

6. To live on your own terms.


Ten years ago I was grumpily dragging my feet up the stairs when my mom woke me up in the middle of the night.

Now I’m sitting here thinking about how, for almost all of the past ten years, I’ve been trying so hard to be who everyone else wanted me to be that I don’t even know who I am or what I want to do with my life.

If I could go redo it, I’d live my life for myself instead of those around me.

5. I mean…you still have some youth left though.

I turned 21 in 2011.

You’re saying I could redo my 20s, with a 29-year old brain and experiences?

Hell yes I would.

4. High school can be rough.

11th grade?

Fucking absolutely, with the confidence and personal peace I have now? Oh my lord.

I found my old phones from high school a few months ago while visiting my mother, and it was pretty bittersweet looking through the old texts and photos. I was such an angry kid, I thought everyone hated me, and I missed every signal any girl would put out. Hindsight would’ve been such a great fucking cushion to hold onto.

Breathe, drink a little water, rice instead of fries, and look them in the eyes, and I would’ve completely skirted past the mental health issues.

Great question by the way OP. It’s something I think about often.

3. I mean…maybe you just think you will.

Yes because I would be able to have a fresh start

2. Money is a big motivator!

Yes, because:

  • Bitcoin
  • Stop myself from making certain stupid financial decisions (that cost thousands and gave my phone number to scam agencies from whom I still get calls on occasion) in 2012.
  • Take my twenties more seriously in general.
  • Bet on the Cubs winning in 2016, even though I don’t really need the money from that because bitcoin.

1. You can always use more parenting time under your belt.

My kids are teenagers now, so I’d get to have another 8 years of them being little kids, and I’d have the chance to be a better parent to them. They’re doing fine, really, but having an extra 8 years of parenting under my belt would probably help me do a little better.

And those were great years. I loved it.

Also I’d have my dog back—he passed away last summer and I’d love to have a few more years with that colossal dumbass.

Also purchasing lots of Bitcoin.

They make some decent arguments, don’t you think?

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