You Can Now Have an *Official* Pokemon Wedding in Japan

Photo Credit: Pokemon

If you never quite got over your Pokemon obsession even though you’re a grown adult who’s about to get married, great news — you can now have an official Pokemon wedding in Japan.

Anyone could, theoretically, have a Pokemon-themed wedding anytime they like. But these Pokemon weddings are different: They’re officially licensed and run by The Pokemon Company themselves, so they couldn’t possibly be more legit.

The first ceremony was recently held, and the pictures are truly something else. There’s Pokemon-themed everything, from giant Pikachu mascots at the ceremony to a Pokeball on the dessert plate.

Photo Credit: Pokemon

The Pikachu mascots can act as maid of honor or best man or ring bearers or whatever, just in case some stick in the mud decides to boycott your Pokemon wedding.

Then there is the wedding cake, which shows two Pikachus in lurrrve.

Pikachu is clearly the main star of these weddings, but maybe the company lets you pick which Pokemon is your main one, just like the game?

Photo Credit: Pokemon

Even the wedding certificate is Pokemon-themed. So someday, you can show this piece of paper to your grandchildren, who may or may not have any idea WTF is going on.

Photo Credit: Pokemon

The weddings are a team effort with The Pokemon Company and a Japanese event planning company, Escrit.

If you’re not willing to travel to Japan for a Pokemon wedding, maybe you can just go see Pokemon Detective Pikachu for a third time.