You Could Get Paid $30 an Hour to Taste Candy

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In news that would have literally taken your breath away as a small child, there are people out there who are like, professional candy-tasters.

That’s right. It’s a real job to taste candy and tell the makers which ones are the best, which ones could use work, and how.

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If that sounds like a dream job to you even now that you’re full grown, here are some details you’re going to want to jot down.

Candy Funhouse is hiring both part-time and full-time “candyologists,” who are people who taste all kinds of candy (even chocolate!) in order to help the company narrow down which candies will be the best ones to help launch their own Candy Funhouse brand of candy.

They’re hoping to have 10 perfect candies by the time all is said and done, but since they still have hundreds of options, they definitely seem like the could use some help.

Qualifications for the job include “enthusiasm and eagerness to try confectionery products,” and also be able to “consider aspects of taste, texture, and quality.”

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After you taste each product, you will be expected to write a brief, two-sentence description for each thing that you tested, and people with a double interest in pop culture and media will be given preference.

The full-time position pays $30/hour, but only if you can get to the in-person site in Mississauga, Ontario (that’s in Canada, friends).

You can apply for the part-time position of 15 hours per week and do it from home, though your hourly pay will only be $26/hour for that.

There are only eight part-time positions, though, so competition is bound to be fierce.

Get your applications in by February 15th, 2021 – you have to have a high school diploma, be a US or Canadian citizen, and a handful of other requirements you can check out on the full– or part-time listing.

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I was kind of meh on this until I heard about the chocolate part, and now, color me intrigued.

If only my 4yo could get around the child-labor laws somehow – he is a connoisseur and would be absolutely perfect.

Good luck, friends!