Mom Shares Eerie Reincarnation Story Her Son Told Her, Others Reply and Share Their Similar Stories

Kids say the darndest things – and sometimes, those things are downright creepy. If half of the stories in this viral Twitter thread are true, then idk know you guys…so is reincarnation, I guess?

It started like this. Valerie has a son. And one night, he told her a little story that went something like this…

Wait… Gerald? That’s not a normal name.

And Cole?

And they died in a car crash?

What are you telling us, kid?

And it only got creepier from there.

So read on, if you don’t have big plans for sleeping tonight.

Okay… so kid… that was kind of sweet… but REALLY creepy, ya know?

The internet agrees. Because apparently this kid isn’t the only one who thinks he died and got born again.



And this kind of thing happens… ALL OVER THE WORLD.

And at least one commenter had a hilarious comeback.

But Valerie… she’s not having it.

Hahaha… well played mom!

Welcome to parenthood, people. There’s not a lot of sleep here but we’ve got booze and funny, tiny people.