You Should Get to Know Wilfred Warrior, the Hilarious Instagram-Famous Cat


Every once in a while, an animal bursts onto the social media scene and takes the world by storm. And right now it’s Wilfred Warrior‘s moment to shine.

Wilfred is a Chinchilla Persian cat who lives in London, and the crazy look on his face has made him immensely popular.

He likes to play outside, and, despite his odd looks, he’s winning hearts on Instagram. Take a look at some of these posts featuring Wilfred, and I dare you not to fall in love with this guy.

1. Hello!

2. May I help you?

3. I need a drink

4. Learning to use the toilet

5. Doing chores

6. A little human love

7. Looks depressed

8. Barkeep!

9. Will he pass?

10. Wide eyed

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