Your Cat Gets Mad When You Do These 7 Things

Photo Credit: Needpix

Cats like a certain order and sameness to their lives. In exchange, they will perform little acts of love like bringing you presents, sitting on your clean clothes and putting your hair ties in their water bowls. This is a mostly peaceful arrangement that’s been in place for thousands, if not millions, of years.

So, why in the name of Merlin’s saggy left do we insist on disturbing this delicate balance?

Also, what are we doing that makes them angry?

Read through this list of 7 things we do that make our cats mad. Perhaps we can all learn and move past our mistakes.

1. Moving in on their “me” time.

Cats don’t like to be disturbed when they are comfortable, so when we move in with our kissy faces and hugs, they leave. Don’t worry, though. When they are ready to share the chair, they’ll be back for cuddles.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

2. When you give them too much “me” time.

Your cat gets mad when you leave her alone too much.

She is happiest when you spend a few minutes a day playing with her.

Photo Credit: Flickr

3. Getting home late and grumpy

Cats are aware of the normal household schedule and when you get home late and flustered, it makes them mad.

Maybe you can’t help being late, but you can say something sweet to your cat to make it okay.

Photo Credit: Needpix

4.  When you don’t clean the litter box

Ever get mad when you have to use a dirty bathroom?

Yeah. Just clean their bathroom already. Or they’re going to pee and poop on the floor. Or in your shoes.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

5. Cats get mad when there’s too much noise

Hey, keep it down. Your cat’s trying to relax here.

Too much noise, especially when the volume is turned up when playing music or the TV, causes anxiety.

Photo Credit: Flickr

6. Your cat gets angry when you try to give him spoiled or stale food

Cats aren’t all that picky usually, but they will get mad when they are fed spoiled food.

Don’t leave wet food out all day and check expiration dates on dry and canned food before serving.

Photo Credit: Flickr

7.  You’re petting her wrong

Most cats aren’t crazy about those long, full body strokes.

Mainly stick to the head and ears and you’re golden as the official petter of the house.

Otherwise, prepare to pull back when those claws appear.

Photo Credit: Pxhere

Generally, a clean and serene home is best for all concerned. Some fresh catnip would be nice. 

And, would it kill you to let your cat play with the running water faucet for a few seconds?

So, in conclusion, make your cat happy. In return, you may not get a little prezzie in your shoes.