14 People Share The Weirdest Stuff They Found On FB Marketplace, Ebay, and Craigslist

If you’ve spent any amount of time on places like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist, or really anywhere people basically use the internet as a virtual garage sale, there’s no doubt that you’ve probably seen some weird stuff.

I mean, I know what’s in my basement, so it seems to follow that everyone’s got a bunch of crap they think they might be able to pawn off on someone else some day, but is it true?

The jury is out, but I think we can say for sure that absolutely no one needs what these 14 people are selling.

14. If the kid’s face wasn’t enough…

…it’s also not super cold.

Not super cold from CrackheadCraigslist

13. One fish tank, but you have to take the murderers, too.

Do with Kevin and Neil what you will.

Oh, Kevin from CrackheadCraigslist

12. Do you think the problem ever hit her?

Maybe she’s just afraid of people with foot fetishes online. That’s a thing.

Those are lovely sandals. from CrackheadCraigslist

11. I have so many questions.

Like, why does this exist? Why would I need this? Why is it so much money?

Image Credit: Reddit

10. That is a box, sir.

It might also cover a guitar, but facts are facts.

Only used once, not a bad deal from CrackheadCraigslist

9. Well that just tells you everything you need to know.

I’m on my way.

Nice ass lamp from CrackheadCraigslist

8. Whoever wrote this has a future.

Perhaps as a snake oil salesman, but a future nonetheless.

Image Credit: Reddit

7. I wonder how much she charges for other kinds of skin.

Come on, you know you were thinking it.

Teddy… from CrackheadCraigslist

6. You can keep in the background of your Zoom calls.

Or maybe in the background of your Tinder picture!

(box only) from CrackheadCraigslist

5. Maybe a language barrier?

I have no idea what’s going on here.

Couch. from CrackheadCraigslist

4. That thing has to be expired.

And sorry, but no way it works.

Tiger king condom from CrackheadCraigslist

3. If the heads swapped out, maybe…

But it’s still a strange thing to buy used.

Ah yes, who wouldn’t want to buy a used toothbrush? from CrackheadCraigslist

2. If those are “small marks” then I am a small person.

That price made me laugh.

"Some small marks but barely visible" from CrackheadCraigslist

1. He’s got some oceanfront property in AZ, too.

I’m going to need to see proof that it’s his to sell.

Jupiter good condition from CrackheadCraigslist

What on earth is the matter with people, y’all?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever sold? Bought? Seen online? I need details in the comments!