10 Celebrity Encounters That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

You know the saying “never meet your heroes” became a thing for a reason; if you meet someone you look up to, there’s always the chance that they’re going to be jerks and totally ruin a lifetime of adoration.

That said, there’s also always the chance that people will surprise you in a good way, whether they’re famous or not – and I’m guessing these 10 people breathed a sigh of relief as they walked away from these celeb encounters.

10. Just a friendly neighborhood wave.

I’d like to have neighbors like him. Hubba.


9. I’m sure that was a bit intimidating.

Thankfully it turned out well!


8. This doesn’t surprise me.

He seems so personable.

7. I love his pose for this picture.

It’s just so candid and fun.

6. Just a little encouragement.

We can all use that in our lives.

5. Bonded for life.

Is it wrong that I want more details?

4. He probably enjoys mundane chats now and again.

Given what he talks about on air.

3. So weird.

But not terrible, so I guess it fits?

2. I mean, talking to someone for an entire flight?

That’s above and beyond kind of nice.

1. And the last hour?

Why would they leave us hanging like that??

So many of these make me happy, y’all. It’s like the best things you want to believe about famous people… and they actually live up to it. Finally.

What’s your favorite celeb encounter story? It doesn’t have to be to you… it can just be something you’ve read or heard.

Tell it to us in the comments!