10 Employees Whose Bosses Made Them Cry at Work

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When I was in high school I had a band teacher who always made me cry.

In his defense, he wasn’t mean and teenage girls are complicated creatures.

It’s one thing when someone in a position of power makes you cry by accident, but check out how many people were made to cry by their supervisors!

1. In front of customers = salt in the wound

I’d be over it too.

This is the second time my boss made me cry in front of customers. I'm over it...

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2. Step one: dry your tears and look for a new job

Step two: tell your boss where he can shove it.

My boss made me cry again today. I'm too scared to leave. I don't think I'll find another job, so I have to stick it out and cry in secret on my lunch break.

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3. Seems like the universe waving hello

And giving you a great big thumbs up.

My boss made me cry when I put in my 2 weeks lol. Just more of a reason to get out of that job.

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4. I hope the next day she applied for a job at Starbucks

And then she secretly spit in his coffee.

Once my boss made me cry at a Starbucks (it was across the street from work) and all sorts of people came to my rescue and offered to help. I was fired the day after.

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5. The meanest old lady I’ve ever met made me cry too

Mean old ladies drink the tears of the innocent.

My boss made me cry today. She's the meanest old lady I've ever met!

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6. Step one: leave now and never go back

Step two: see step one.

I'm about to quit my job. My boss has made me cry twice today and I was supposed to go home three hours ago.

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7. Being berated until you cry isn’t work ANY $ amount

But people who treat hourly workers that way will enjoy particularly bad karma.

My boss just totally berated me and made me cry. As if life isn't bad enough. This bs isn't worth the $9 an hour.

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8. When you do your best, and your best isn’t good enough…

Maybe you’re not the problem.

My boss made me cry. I spent weeks trying to do his bidding and he just didn't value anything. I have no idea what to do?

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9. Ice princesses have feelings too

You should be crying in an ice castle, not a truck.

My boss just made me cry at work. Sometimes I forget I'm not really the ice princess and I have emotions. I ran out to cry in my truck. Dope.

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10. Details please

Like seriously, I need the entire story, thank you.

My boss made me cry after embarrassing me during our meeting. Now he's the one who's crying and saying sorry to me.

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Wow, those are some truly terrible bosses.

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