10 Guys Talk: What She Did That Killed Any Chance of a Second Date

Scenergy Dating

I’ve dated – it’s not all that much fun, and generally I (as the woman) was the one clamoring to get the hell out of a first date and never look back. Which is not to say that the guy couldn’t have felt the same way – we never had to see each other again, so I guess I’ll never know, and that’s more than okay with me!

These guys, though, felt the need to share with the Internet the things that happened on their first date that had them saying “check, please!” with no intention of getting her number for a second go-around.

#10. We had absolutely no television shows in common. None!

“She wanted to talk about The Bachelorette the whole night, while I just wanted to talk to her about Game of Thrones. There was nothing both of us enjoyed doing together, absolutely nothing.”

#9. Not exactly summer fling material.

“She was gorgeous and I loved talking to her and getting to know her but we started dating in the middle of the summer and there was just a point I realized she was more serious about it than I was. I wanted to be able to date other people, she didn’t.”


Credit: Tumblr

#8. She sounds like my mother.

“A few years ago I met a girl at a bar and we had great conversation and exchanged numbers really quickly. The next morning she sent me a flood of messages in the span of 2 hours. So by the time I woke up I already had 4 messages from her.”