10 Husbands Who Can’t Stop Trolling Their Wives

Marriage is a beautiful union between two people, but it’s also an opportunity to annoy another person intimately for the rest of our lives – and who doesn’t love that?

These 10 husbands take that role very, very seriously, and if you want to be a disciple to a dude who is getting it done, these guys are putting on a masterclass.

10. Those are helpful hints.

On how to get a divorce.

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9. There better be something good in there.

If you’re going to make her work for it.

8. I hope she laughed.

If not, you’re in trouble buddy.

7. Thanks, I hate it.

Why does this make me so uncomfortable?

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6. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Unless you want to try to remember how many years you’ve been married.

5. Is this by the author of Captain Underpants?

If not, he could audition for a job.

4. We need to take the Sharpies away from these men.

They’ll probably leave them where the kids can get them, too.

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3. That is some sugar.

Now you can just use as much as you want.

2. She’d better make herself some cookies.

And not share them.

1. Those are his crackers.

At least he wanted you.

If you try this at home, we’re not responsible for any divorces that ensue.

That stuff is on you.