16 People Share the Best Ways to Lovingly Annoy Your Spouse

If you’re married or in a long-term relationship, there’s a good chance that part of your recipe to success is knowing exactly how to push the other person’s buttons.

Most of the time you use this information for good – as in, not pushing their buttons – but some days just call for annoying another human being for no reason other than that you can.

These 16 people are sharing their favorite ways to get under their spouse’s skin, so take notes!

16. Well that’s terrifying.

And also hilarious.

15. I bet she loves that.

Every single time. Ha!


14. I’m sure that goes over well.

About as well as my response of “up your butt,” probably.


13. Maybe she appreciates this humor.

Or maybe she just appreciated it the first dozen times.

12. “Walk this way…”

This is amazing and I’m stealing it.

11. That’s some dedication.

Dads do love sticking with their routines.

10. She’d be justified.

No judge would rule against her.


9. She thought they were just gal pals.

Really close ones.

8. What is wrong with these people?

And why am I cracking up?


7. Thanks I hate it.

There might be more going on here.


6. She’s playing with fire.

Walking the tightrope so far.

5. I just snorted.

I hope the bike isn’t too loud.

4. He’s got to just quit reacting.

Everyone knows that trick.

3. Why would he not want to laugh like crazy??

Except for the fact that clowns are terrifying.

2. A modern play on words.

You could keep going with this joke, honestly.


1. That’s pretty funny.

Maybe get new kids.

These are too funny, don’t you think?

Are you going to try one or two? Tell us which in the comments!