10 Jokes That Will Appeal to the Weirdos Out There

Hey, shoutout to the weirdos out there, because I am one of you. Those strange jokes, the really strange senses of humor, the funny stuff that some people just don’t get – that’s me, too, y’all.

Which is exactly why I love all 10 of these completely strange jokes that for me, land exactly right. If people say you have a weird sense of humor, too, you should settle in and have a laugh with me.

As always, the more, the merrier.

10. It smells weird.

And it will bruise you.


9. This sounds better than most battlefields.

Just speaking objectively for people who’d rather not die.

8. How DARE.

They’re learning to research, aren’t they?


7. That visual, though.

No one is arguing that’s not weird, my friend.

Image Credit: Ruin My Week

6. There does seem to be a bit of a disconnect there.

I just spit out my drink.

5. The dreams of childhood die hard, my friends.

Unless you’re one of the lucky changelings among us.

4. Why can’t I stop watching this.

It’s just so satisfying.

3. We’re addicted to the process, not the art.

I’m sorry, it’s true.

2. Everyone likes to feel fancy.

Even the school bus driver, obviously.


1. Just enjoy the metaphor, folks.

Jeez, he’s got better things to do. Like, saving the world and stuff.

You can’t say these aren’t funny, right?

Oh, you can? But you wouldn’t, right? Because they actually were funny.

Okay, good. Glad we’re settled on that! Catastrophe avoided!

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