10 Men Reveal That They Get Harassed For Not Wanting Kids, Too

More and more people are making the conscious decision not to have children. They all have their own reasons, and all of them are valid – even if it’s just “I really don’t want to.”

That said, there are some people who are still trying to keep up with the rest of us, and think that choosing not to have kids somehow invalidates their own life choices (or goes against their religion, or just makes them sad, idk), and guess what?

Those people have some thoughts for you, regardless of your sex.

These 10 men are talking about what life without kids is like for them – at least as far as what other people think.

10. Not everyone will change their minds.

Although it’s totally fine if you do.

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9. Well that was rude.

It’s hard to find the right person no matter who you are.

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8. The kid has everything to do with it.

It’s important to consider that part, right?

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7. It’s important to be on the same page.

This can be a tough one to navigate together.

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6. It’s none of your business.

Whether he does or doesn’t!

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5. It’s all on you, sir.

Humanity is about to disappear!

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4. People are gonna people.

You can’t make them stop.

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3. There are plenty of kids out there who would love a bonus grandpa.

I’m just saying.

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2. I have a feeling a breakup is in the future.

This is not something you can get past.

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1. Making her happy is not your job.

Regardless of what she’s probably been telling you.

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Y’all, mind your business. It’s really that simple!

If you’re a man who doesn’t want kids, tell us in the comments some things people have said to you!