10 Men Who Love Picking Petty Fights With Their Girlfriends

Everyone who spends a good amount of time in a relationship knows that sometimes, you just feel like fighting. If your partner can’t handle it then you’d better move on, because it’s human nature to be in that kind of mood now and again.

These 10 men confess they love picking petty fights with their ladies, and they’re sharing why below!

10. We need to be entertained all of the time now.

Whatever it takes!

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9. It happens to the best of us.

Life is mostly boring, after all. You hope.

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8. Who doesn’t love a cuddle?

It’s a great payoff, for sure.

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7. I don’t love this.

But hey, he’s not my boyfriend.

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6. Why don’t they talk otherwise?

I have questions.

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5. Sounds like a chat is in order.

Don’t slack on the communication!

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4. Everyone needs alone time.

I’ll tell you that for free.

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3. This is pretty cringe.

I think this is not the best way to go about it.

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2. Time to delve deeper.

Self-assessment is a worthwhile asset.

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1. I’m sensing a theme, here.

Too many people fighting instead of talking!

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These are terrible but also super interesting.

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