10 People Confess to How They Got Their Dumbest Injuries

I don’t care who you are, if you are a human being who does not live in a bubble, you have hurt yourself doing something stupid. You’ve grabbed something that was hot, you’ve dared use a mandolin, you’ve tripped, you’ve fallen, and on and on and on.

Me? I ran straight into a centerfield fence playing softball – during warmups – and needed stitches in my knee.

Below, 10 other people are confessing to the pure, clumsy idiocy that goes part and parcel with being a human.

Ain’t it grand?

10. This one takes the cake.

Or the bacon, as it were.

9. I’m gonna go ahead and say it was worth it.

I mean. It’s cake.

8. I can see how this would happen.

You gotta check behind you, yeah?

7. There’s no good part of this story.

Talk about making the car buying process worse.

6. You’ve gotta go hard at practice.

But perhaps not this hard.

5. It would only happen to a Lion’s fan.

Oh come on, you know I’m right.

4. I hope it’s all ok now.

If not, this really isn’t a happy story.

3. I have questions.

Sadly, we’re never going to know more.

2. This is almost impressive.

Unless it happened to you.

1. Be careful with that candy.

It’s going to send you to the dentist one way or another.

These stories make me feel a bit better about my own, to be honest.

What’s your story? Share it with us in the comments!