10 People Dish On What It’s Like Getting Married Super Fast

Marriage is a big commitment. Because of that, a majority of people take their time meeting someone, getting to know them, maybe living together and meeting their family and friends, before pulling the trigger on a lifetime commitment.

Other people, though, they like to roll the dice – and honestly, I’m not sure one way is all that better than the other.

These 10 people committed within weeks, and they’re sharing their thought processes below!

10. Well, there you go.

No one can argue they made a mistake now.

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9. There’s no one-size fits all.

That’s the truth across the board.

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8. It’s super hard when it’s a parent.

I don’t know why, but it definitely is.

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7. Well that’s pretty crappy.

I feel sorry for the sister, but not because she’s not engaged.

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6. There are no rules.

If there are, they’re made to be broken.

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5. Luck has a lot to do with it.

Especially if you’re gambling.

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4. When you know you know.

Words to live by.

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3. Make them all eat their words.

It’s one more reason to stay together.

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2. Divorce isn’t always failure.

Sometimes it’s just an indication of growth.

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1. Sometimes you’ve gotta let people make their own mistakes.

Maybe it will work out!

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Fascinating, right? I’d love to see numbers on whether or not the time you knew someone ahead of time has an effect on marriage longevity.

Someone get on that, okay?