10 People Give Advice On Dealing With Jealousy In An Open Relationship

No relationship is easy 100% of the time. No relationship should be hard 100% of the time, either, not even if the people involved have made some unconventional choices.

Jealousy is a thing that happens no matter how many parties are involved, but I would suspect that the more people in the relationship, the higher the chances you’ll be dealing with it.

If you’re in an open relationship and wondering how others deal with jealousy, these 10 people are ready to share.

10. Everyone is happy.

At least that’s the ideal.

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9. The work is worth it.

You have to be willing to put it in first, though.

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8. Use it as a jumping off point.

It can turn into something positive if you let it.

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7. It’s how you react.

You have control over that, even if you think you don’t.

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6. It’s not a thing for some people.

But not for most people.

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5. Don’t even try it.

Things will go south, and fast.

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4. Don’t let it fester.

That’s good advice across the board.

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3. Freedom can be scary.

Especially at first.

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2. You have to know your limits.

Don’t try to force yourself to do something that’s not a good fit.

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1. There will be ups and downs.

You have to be willing to go through both.

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Sounds like this is something you’ll have to be prepared for, right?

If you’ve navigated something similar, please share your own tips with us in the comments!