15 People Share Their Thoughts On Casual Relationships At Work

I think that most people realize there are a lot of ways that things can go wrong when you start dating someone at work, casual or not. That said, plenty of people still decide, for one reason or another, to give it a go.

These 15 people have some serious thoughts on whether or not it could ever be worth it to take the plunge with someone at work, so take a minute to read them and see what you think!

15. No thanks on the feelings.

I did it for about two months. He started getting feelings so I ended it.

We’re still good friends and talk and banter daily! Nothing’s really changed except We now seen each other naked.

Taking from these comments we might have been the exception though.

14. A little biased.

I’m ok with it, but then I ended up marrying my work FWB so probably not the best example.

13. When it’s bad, it’s very bad.

Sometimes it’s fine.

The problem is the asymmetry. It’s fine when it’s fine. When it goes wrong it can go really wrong.

Like both people fired and someone getting sued for s*xual harassment.

The possible upsides are not as good as the possible downsides are bad.

12. All of the drama.

Be prepared for Telenovela.

11. What are the chances of that?

If all parts involved are mature and reasonable about it, go for it.

10. Your brain knows best.

My brain says to tell others not to do it. There could be way too much drama.

But when I was single, my d*%k would have overrode my brain’s decision.

So who the f**k am I to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do lol.

9. It does make sense.

People act like it shouldn’t happen but besides home, work is the place you’re most likely to be spending your time.

If you’re spending that much time with people it’s understandable if things happen with them. Just be an adult about it.

8. If you’re wanting a long-term career…

If you’re expecting any upward mobility in the job, it’s a terrible idea.

If it’s an easily replaceable job with limited promotion prospects, then just don’t get fired.

7. It depends.

If you work at McDonalds or Starbucks a place where it isn’t like your career job, I say go for it especially if the other person is your superior.

If you are in a job the you want to excel in and it has a promising future, I would say hell no, unless you two work in different departments in different spaces on different shifts.

6. Follow the ground rules.

Whom you see everyday at work is NOT the totality of who they REALLY are.

You might end up finding out more you like about him, maybe less, bit it is important to keep his secrets and not ruin his work “persona” just because you know who is under the mask.

Hope you have some fun, don’t get fired, and remember to wrap it up! (Std will make awkward at the office a whole new hell)

5. This person says no.

Coming from experience: Just don’t.

4. Check your dynamic.

I’ve seen it happen a few times, it NEVER works out for the subordinate.

Imagine arguing with your significant other but they literally have power over you. It’s hard to watch.

3. Just use the whole internet instead.

Bad idea, my 2 work besties liked the same guy and it turns out one had been dating him for like a year but only told us after they broke up (smart at the time) but now he likes other bestie.

Other bestie likes him but doesn’t want to hurt bestie 1… it is a very small workplace so they all interact daily and need to appear friendly and it’s just so rough on my friends.

I assume the guy is having a rough go too, since he isn’t a sociopath, just a bit of a f**kboi.

They are all good people who are now having a bad time. Just go on tindr.

2. Communication is key.

As long as you two communicate it shouldn’t be an issue.

1. If you think you can handle it…

I’d say don’t s*%t where you eat but if you already discussed it and you both can remain professional and not let it affect your decisions and you do not work in the same team or on the same project then why not.

I mean, people are going to be people no matter all the warnings in the world.

Would you – or have you – attempted a casual relationship at work? Drop your own thoughts on the matter down in the comments!