The Office Chair That You And Your Pets Totally Need

More and more of us are working from home these days, whether it’s full time, part time, flex time, or some other use of your time, and along with our children, I think our pets have really gotten used to having us around the majority of the time.

Somehow, though, being able to access us whenever they want doesn’t make them less needy at all – in fact, it might make them more so, at least around my house.

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If your pets think your work hours are negotiable and that your lap should be available 24/7, designer Simone Giertz just might have the answer.

Like the rest of us, she was dealing with a dog who would frequently interfere with her work.

Unlike the rest of us, she had the skills to come up with a fix – a chair that accommodates them both.

Image Credit: YouTube

There’s a reason I am not a designer, because if I had this idea, I wouldn’t have come up with anything like she did.

But, in the end, I think her design is just perfect no matter the size or type of needy pet (or pets) you have at your house.

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The chair is comfortable for both human and animal, and has access steps in the back for older or smaller pets who might need a little boost.

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Under the seat is a hideaway, perfect for those cats who prefer to be social only on their terms, but still like to be close (though I could see a bunny or other small animal enjoying the little burrow, too).

She also made sure to design something that would fit in the average-sized workspace – even though she packs a lot into it, the chair isn’t much (if at all) bigger than other available desk chairs out there.

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If she starts mass producing these things, I imagine they’ll be a huge hit. Who doesn’t love the idea of getting their work done with a happy pet by your side?

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