He’s Refusing to Pay For His Daughter’s Wedding. Is He a Jerk?

If you say you’re gonna pay for a wedding, it’s probably a good idea to follow through on that promise…or else you know there’s going to be a lot of hurt feelings.

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AITA for refusing to pay for my daughter’s wedding even if I promised to?

“My (39M) daughter (21F) is going to get married this June since she was a little girl I promised to pay for her wedding but something happened two days ago, that made me change my mind.


My ex-wife and I had our daughter at a very young age, (18) we got married, after six years of marriage I could find myself and come out to my wife, she understood and we had a very amicable divorce and split custody, my daughter was always daddy’s girl and always got along well with my partner (38M) of 14 years.

She is planning her wedding (I was paying for it) and let me know a few things she wanted for her special day:

· Since their future in-laws are so conservative and religious, my husband is not allowed to attend the wedding; I said: OK it’s your day.

· My son (2) can’t attend either. No, it’s not going to be a child-free wedding.

· I can’t talk about my “lifestyle” because she doesn’t make her in-laws uncomfortable.

Therefore, I told her that if her in-laws are so important, they should pay for the wedding, she got mad at me and called me a child and said that if I keep on with this “attitude” she’ll ask her FIL to walk her down the aisle, then I said: “fine if my family isn’t welcomed and I’m excluded, I’m not paying for the wedding”, She was furious and said I was being selfish, picking favourites, and not thinking about her at all.

She complains that they can’t afford the wedding since they are both too young and reminded me it was a promise I made.

Everyone including her mom is calling me selfish, so AITA here?”

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