She Told Her Dad Who Left That She Doesn’t Remember Him. Was She Wrong?

There are all kinds of different stories on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page but one that seems to keep popping up is the one where people whose parents left have and then there is some kind of confrontation years later.

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AITA for telling my dad (who left) that I don’t remember him?

“I’m 15F and my father is 46M.

My dad left the family when I was 7 without any explanation. He just vanished one day, and I’ve never seen him since. He left because of relationship issues with my mom. She was heartbroken, and waited 5 years for him to return – but in the end filed for divorce. Thankfully, she’s over him now.

To be honest, now – 8 years after he left, I barely have any memory of him. Only some resentment for the years of suffering he put my mom and sister (19F) through. They tried and tried to contact him, but he’d never respond. I can’t remember his voice, personality, or even face much.

Last week, he texted my mother and said he wanted to meet, after 8 years of disappearance. My mom agreed. We arranged a meet-up at a nearby restaurant. My sister was so nervous/excited, but I realised I felt nearly nothing.

He arrived, and my mom and sister started crying. He cried too, at the sight of his ‘beloved daughters’. He saw that I looked quite emotionless, and said “Don’t you miss your dad?” I replied honestly that I didn’t remember him. He left so long, it’s like I barely knew him.

He was so shocked and hurt. Eventually, he cut off our ‘meet-up’ early, claiming he had to work. My mom and sister were so mad, they blamed it on me. My mom said that my sister’s been waiting to see her dad for so long, but I had to make a stupid remark and make him leave a second time. Asking how I could behave like this towards my dad. Telling me that I’m a selfish b**ch and a**hole.

I’m sorry that he cut the meet-up short, ’cause I knew my sister missed him so d**n much. But to be honest, I don’t feel bad for saying the truth.


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