10 People Own Up To How They Ruined A Marriage

Some people might have the idea that marriages are these infallible things that can only be felled by the people inside of them, but anyone who has been married knows that while there might be months or years when that is true, there are as many months or years when it’s not.

These 10 people feel responsible for ruining a marriage, and they’re confessing just how they made it all come tumbling down.

10. This made me cringe a little.

Sounds like not everyone was on the same page.

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9. I mean I hope it was worth it.

Or at the very least everyone learned something.

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8. That’s a lot to carry for a kid.

I want to tell them that it’s not his fault.

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7. We all do things in fits of anger.

That we may or may not regret.

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6. I feel like there is more to this story.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to hear it.

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5. Perhaps for a reason?

I mean I’m just saying.

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4. It’s terrible that kids feel this way.

They take so much on themselves.

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3. I guess those are the risks you take…

But maybe there were already problems there to begin with.

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2. It probably wasn’t going to work out.

But I mean, we don’t have to help things along.

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1. Perhaps this story is more common than we think.

Consider that the next time you’re thinking about a threesome.

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I think it’s interesting how there’s like a whole range here when it comes to remorse.

Have you ever felt responsible for the demise of a marriage? Tell us your story in the comments!