11 People Share What It’s Like To Be The Person Who Ruined A Marriage

Anyone who has ever attempted marriage – successfully, unsuccessfully, or somewhere in between – knows that there’s nothing easy about it. There’s a lot of compromise, plenty of surprises, and the bottom line is just that sometimes when people grow over a long period of time their paths diverge instead of moving closer together.

That said, a third (or fourth) party never helps matters, and many a relationship has been doomed by one or both parties being distracted by other people.

These 11 folks are the other people, though, so if you’re curious what it’s like to be that person, they’re telling all below.

11. Sounds like someone needs a therapist.

Or some serious navel-gazing time.

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10. He was just looking out for his friend.

Sounds like it might have been a good thing, too!

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9. Sounds like his fault, honestly.

I hate when people are so dishonest and bring others into their bs.

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8. There’s no going back from that.

This sounds like a romance novel in the making. Except for the cheating.

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7. Well, what can you do?

I’m assuming this threatened a career, as well.

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6. I’m surprised she remembered who he was.

Honestly, why would he think she cared?

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5. Admitting the problem is the first step.

Time to take another and get help.

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4. That’s all on him.

He makes his own big boy decisions, right?

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3. We’ll see how this turns out.

I feel like it’s never like they think.

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2. Maybe that wasn’t the best excuse.

Unless they want to be with her, too.

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1. A small and sad story.

Although maybe it’s a happy one for one of them. Who knows?

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I think things like this are so interesting. Just being able to peek behind the curtain of someone else’s thoughts is fascinating.

Have you ever been in this situation as the other person, or one of the spouses? Share your own experience with us in the comments!