10 People Talk About How Their “Glow Up” Changed Their Life

Glow-ups are a fact of life, because honestly, I would say that a majority of people do not peak in high school – and that’s good news.

Still, some of us were bullied in high school because of our looks, so there can be some truly excellent fallout of becoming more attractive as we age – and these 10 people are here to tell you all about it.

10. Kids now are like, so stylish and pretty.

Their parents obviously don’t want them to be scarred, too.

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9. He might be regretting it.

But she’s better off either way!

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8. Eh, later is probably better.

Who wants to peak in high school?

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7. That must be a big change.

It can be strange to look back on those pictures sometimes.

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6. It’s totally their loss!

Believe it and move on.

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5. Nothing a few different doctors can’t fix.

God bless modern medicine.

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4. No shame at all.

I say revel in it for as long as you’d like.

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3. Blink and you’ll miss it.

I guarantee no one else did, though.

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2. Just go with the flow.

Especially when the flow is great!

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1. Gotta shake things up once in a while.

Especially if you’re not super healthy where you are.

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I mean, life can be sweet sometimes, so drink it up when it is!

Did you have a post-high school glow-up? Tell us what it was like in the comments!