10 Real-Life Easter Eggs That Might Have Escaped Your Notice

The film and television buffs among us have trained ourselves long ago to look for hidden “Easter eggs” in the movies and shows we love – inside jokes, like little winks and nudges for the biggest of fans.

They bring us together, they delight us, and they make us feel like we’re part of a bigger community.

Sometimes, people take the time to hide those little gems in the real world, too – and here are 10 of them you might have missed.

10. I wish all tires had this.

It would be much better than guessing.

Mom came by and saw me at work today. I looked down and noticed this. Shows remaining tread as the tire wears down. from IRLEasterEggs

9. You may not know the person who stamped this.

But you feel like you know him now.

Found a tribute to Eddie Van Halen on the bottom of my beer from IRLEasterEggs

8. Well this is charming.

You gotta love a company that values their employees.

The tag on my New Belgium Brewing shirt has a picture of the lady who sewed it. from IRLEasterEggs

7. I love a good bit of whimsy.

I wonder where he’s off to.

There’s brass fish in the floor at the Seattle airport. This one, off by himself, has a suitcase from IRLEasterEggs

6. It’s easier than fixing the hole, I guess.

And people think you’re clever. Bonus!

Jerry in the wall of a pet store from IRLEasterEggs

5. Don’t just throw it away!

Have a little fun with it first.

Paper airplane instructions inside an envelope from IRLEasterEggs

4. Unexpected and pretty.

Just like Ireland!

The Irish passport has a tricolour flag binding from ireland

3. A permanent tribute.

I bet his family just loves that.

Hot Wheels Porsche 944 Turbo features a stethoscope in honour of the designer’s cancer doctor, who owned the real car. from IRLEasterEggs

2. Why are miniatures so fun?

I don’t know, but let’s not analyze it too hard.

This bar had a mini version of itself on the wall. from mildlyinteresting

1. Canadians are always business out front.

Party in the dark.

Canadian passport when held under UV light from IRLEasterEggs

I don’t know that I would have ever known about these if not for the magical unicorns of Reddit and their ability to bring these things to light.

Thank you unicorns! I owe you one!

Have you ever noticed something like this when you’ve been out and about? Do you wish you had?

Tell us about it in the comments!