10 Simple Things to Look for That Determine How Long Your Relationship Will Last


At the beginning of a relationship, everyone wants to believe, in a blissfully ignorant way, that things will work out beautifully forever. The truth is that relationships are work, even when they’re great. And it turns out there are signs that you and your partner’s connection is healthy – if you don’t see some of them, it may be time to get to work!

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#10. How you behave in stressful situations

We all encounter stresses from time to time, both large and small, and it’s important that you and your partner are able to work together under pressure. It’s ideal to avoid reacting too fast or too slow – but if you do have one of those issues, it’s best if your partner reacts in the opposite way. Balance makes perfect!

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#9. Different ways of thinking

Both of you are grown, autonomous individuals with your own thoughts and opinions. Your thoughts and feelings will not always be the same as your partner’s, but that doesn’t mean one of you is right and one is wrong. Always ask their opinion or what they would choose in any given situation – keep learning about one another and keep things interesting!

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#8. Communication really is key

If you want something or need something from your partner, be open and honest. Don’t expect them to read your thoughts, and trust them not to judge your feelings. Keep in mind that’s only your part – you cannot control how they respond or what they will want or need in return.

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#7. ‘Me’ Time

Science says that if the two of you can make happy memories together, your relationship is more likely to stay strong. That said, it’s also in your best interest to develop your separate hobbies and to be able to spend time on your own.

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#6. Discuss life plans

This may seem like an obvious point, but the two of you need to be honest and open about your life plans as far as career and family. The sooner the better.

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#5. Supporting outside friendships

No one should have to choose between friends and a lover, and allowing your partner to forge and maintain friendships is a sign of maturity and caring.

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#4. Loving their family – even when you don’t

If you argue with your spouses parents, likely it’ll be a sore spot between the two of you. They’re family, like it or not, and you should deal with your family lovingly.

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#3. Fighting fair

You’re going to fight. Work on how to do it constructively and without resorting to hurting the other person’s feelings whenever possible.

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#2. Celebrate with each other

You should be your partner’s biggest cheerleader and expect the same from them. Happy couples feel happy for each other’s successes and inspire each other to achieve more.

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#1. Learn how to compromise

It’s essential in any healthy relationship. If you can’t give in on small things, it will lead to bigger conflicts that you may not be able to handle.

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