10 Unintentional Lessons Our Parents Taught Us

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If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being close to someone who’s a theatre nerd, they’ve probably bothered you at some point about how great the musical Into the Woods is.

It’s a heady sort of show – full of philosophical musings and complex human contradictions, told through the lens of interlocking fairytales and what exactly happens AFTER happily ever after.

But probably one of the most clever moments of the show is the payoff to a repeated phrase. The Witch – an overprotective mother to Rapunzel – has said over and over again that “children won’t listen!” But by the end, we know the truth.

“Careful the things you say / children will listen / children will see / and learn.”

The biggest lessons we get from our parents often are not the ones they try to drill into our heads on purpose. The stuff we learn comes from watching them live their own lives. That’s how these anonymous contributors came to these particular conclusions.

10. Compromise and communication

You really gotta have both.

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9. Argue it out

You really can do so without it turning into a nasty fight, and that’s the best lesson of all.

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8. A matter of faith

Love over all, I suppose.

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7. A nihilistic approach

Well, that’s a straight up bummer.

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6. Cheater, cheater

Terrifying to think that it might be you.

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5. Hugs and kisses

You gotta show that love and keep it going.

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4. Love is a verb

But we don’t necessarily fit.

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3. Get away from the toxicity

The only toxic that’s good came from Brittany herself.

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2. You do you

You’re an entire person.

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1. It’s just paper

But also like, yanno, tax benefits and stuff.

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Careful the things you say, children will listen.

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