10 Young Grandmas Dish On Exactly What It’s Like

Some people love the idea of being a young mother and being able to have the money and time to travel and have their own life…but perhaps they don’t think about the fact this could also lead to being a young grandparent as well.

This is exactly what happened to these 10 ladies, and they’re here to tell you what getting that news was like.

10. This is…a lot.

Is it totally jaded of me to figure it’s not going to work out?

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9. Nothing to be done about it now.

May as well just go with the flow.

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8. We’re always worried about our kids.

It’s the one thing that stays true.

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7. The next phase of life is here.

Go ahead and step on the ride.

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6. Some people are still waiting to be moms!

It’ll all be ok no matter what you choose.

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5. Babies make everything better.

Except for sleep.

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4. Yikes.

Maybe that’s what started this whole cycle to begin with?

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3. Take a deep breath.

It will all work out how it’s going to work out.

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2. It sounds as if she’s happy about it.

So that’s a good thing!

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1. Life is famous for those curveballs.

Go ahead and take a cut!

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I’m definitely not ready for grandma status, y’all!

If you were a young grandma, tell us in the comments what that transition was like for you.