12 Funny Puns to Get You Laughing

Do you consider yourself a punny guy or gal?

Someone who likes to play games with words and who uses their knowledge of language to make their friends laugh?

Well, you’re in the right place!

Because today we’re going to check out 12 funny puns that are gonna get you laughing in a major way!

Let’s get started, friends!

1. Take care of that poor dog.

He needs to go to the vet, ASAP!

Sick doggo.
by inpuns

2. Hey o! This is a real zinger.

You gotta love it!

I’m sure he’ll grow up to liver healthy life.
byu/Morgan_Redwood inpuns

3. Look very closely and you’ll get it.

Admit, that’s funny, right? I meant fun-knee.

That’s a foot and…
byu/RabbitGuySentMe inpuns

4. Here’s here to fight crime in the name of JUST-ICE.

You gotta love a good Batman joke.

byu/Bongnazi inpuns

5. You need to marry this woman as soon as possible.

She’s quite a woman, is she?

Marry her faster
byu/RobMash11 inpuns

6. This is kind of gross, don’t you think?

You’ll never look at bologna the same way again.

Getting to the meat of the matter
byu/ducksarewitches inpuns

7. I really don’t think this person is helping.

Knock it off, this is serious business.

Gf asked for help, and I did the best I can
byu/Vyuvarax inpuns

8. How the hell did that happen?!?!

You don’t see that every day…

Life’s a beach
byu/Quivant inpuns

9. A little morbid, but still very funny.

Who’s responsible for this?!?!

Remains to be seen…
byu/Nerfwarriors inpuns

10. It sure does, doesn’t it?

Admit it, you loaf it.

I loaf it 😂
byu/Yugvijay inpuns

11. I don’t think she’s amused by this.

You can see it in her face.

Day and night
byu/Bongnazi inpuns

12. Do you think she’s into him?

Well, it could be worse, I guess…

This dina change anything for him
byu/Dankmonseiur69 inpuns

What are some of your favorite puns?

Share some good ones with us in the comments.

Let’s see if you can make us laugh!

We can’t wait to hear from you!