There’s No License Required To Drive This Flying Car

Anyone over the age of 35 will tell you that we’ve been promised that flying cars are coming soon for basically our entire lives. They’ve been featured in television shows and movies, making all of us believe that one day, we’d be able to zip to work or the game or a jaunt to the lake in the friendly skies.

It hasn’t materialized, though, and most of us were probably about to give up…until now.

Image Credit: YouTube

And say what you’d like about Elon Musk, but his company is the one making it happen.

The new flying car, which features a Tesla battery pack that allows it to stay airborne for up to 20 whole minutes, claims to be the “future of air travel” as we know it.

The car (plane?) can travel up to 63mph and, thanks to US regulations, needs no license at all to operate.

Image Credit: YouTube

I find this hard to believe, considering how protective the States are of their airspace – and also because we have firsthand evidence of how bad people are at flying drones – but it’s true. This flying car requires no driver’s license or pilot’s license to operate.

The eVTOL takes off and lands vertically and is named Jetson One. It’s extremely light, weighing in at around 190 pounds, and is classified as an ultralight aircraft. Ultralight aircraft require no operating license.

Image Credit: YouTube

That said, current US regulations do prohibit these aircraft from being operated near urban areas or airports of any size, so I don’t think people will be cutting that daily commute time in half in the near future.

The Jetson One is available for sale for a $22,000 deposit and a $70,000 final payment.

It was sold out through the end of 2022, but there’s hope for the year coming up.

And for all of us Gen X and Millennials, what’s a couple more years at this point, really?