11 Anemic Women Talk About How The Condition Affects Their Lives

Medical conditions can play a big role in our quality of life. That said, if you haven’t experienced something firsthand it can be hard to understand the big and small ways it changes you and your world.

These 11 women are living with anemia, and if you’re curious, they’re talking about what their day-to-day is like.

11. That’s a tough one to explain.

Maybe don’t even try.

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10. Everyone needs good sleep.

It’s really hard when you can’t seem to get it.

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9. Ummmm you should probably tell.

I’m not sure that’s part of a recommended diet for a pregnant woman.

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8. You have to do what’s best for you.

Sometimes it’s not what you imagined.

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7. You’ve got to be extra in tune with your body.

Spend some time just listening.

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6. Feeling tired all the time is tough.

Especially if you’re used to being more active.

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5. Why not both?

It doesn’t matter why, maybe, anyway.

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4. Throw the whole husband away.

If you can find anyone to take him.

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3. At least you know!

That’s got to feel great.

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2. Quality of life can suffer.

Hopefully a medical team can get it together.

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1. That doesn’t sound fun.

I’m assuming they were being sarcastic.

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This is all so interesting.

If you suffer from anemia and want to