11 Couples Talk About Getting Engaged After Just A Few Weeks

I would venture a guess that most people who get married have known each other for quite a while. We like to make sure that we really feel comfortable with another human being before we tangle up our lives, right?

Not so for some people, though, and who’s to say which marriages work out in the long run?

These 11 couples decided to go against the grain, getting engaged within a few weeks of meeting for the first time.

11. Crazy good!

We love to hear love stories like this one.

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10. Sometimes it all works out.

I guess they just knew!

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9. There’s more to this story.

I wish I could read about it.

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8. Red flags are waving.

At least they are for this old lady.

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7. A good fit.

Hopefully that keeps working as your edges shift.

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6. She knows what she’s doing.

And if she doesn’t, it’s none of your business.

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5. One day at a time.

That’s honestly how we’re all making it work anyway.

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4. I guess it all worked out.

At least I hope it does for those babies!

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3. Not all endings are happy.

But at least it’s not complicated.

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2. Marriage is hard.

The newness doesn’t last forever.

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1. You never can predict the future.

For better or for worse.

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These stories are wild, y’all, but I kind of love them.

Do you have one that’s similar? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!