Here are Some Hilarious Posts About Married Life You Might Relate To

Anyone who is married or has been married knows for sure that, no matter the rewarding moments, the entire experience isn’t the easiest much of the time.

Humor is one of the best ways to handle the down days (or weeks or months), and the couples who laugh together are the ones who probably stay together (or at least stay friends) – and these 14 posts about married life should make everyone laugh!

14. At least these days you might not be lying.

Since the stories are always out of something.

13. I would not have been able to keep a straight face.

This is absolutely classic.

12. I think it is a compliment.

There’s no bad way to smell like bacon.

11. She can’t handle the beef.

She should be ashamed of herself.

10. Your connection is still alive.

I hope no one needs more toilet paper.

9. Time to run to Coldstone.

Everyone loves ice cream cake.

8. There are many arguments for, if you ask me.

And not many against, really.

7. Petition is approved.

No hearing will be necessary.

6. The best marriages have one of each of these types.

You need someone who can handle the yelling.

5. Is that what they think?

No one ran this by the wives of the world, I don’t think.

4. That is a lot of oatmeal.

I hope it’s good stuff, at least.

3. Why are they like this?

You can’t really help but laugh, I suppose.

2. They must not have kids.

Or dogs. Because I don’t have to try to have messy carpet.

1. At least he’s doing something?

Something that is about to get him kicked out of the house before Christmas.

Y’all, I am dead. Why is this so stinking relatable?

Which one of these did you forward to your spouse or your married friends? Let us know down in the comments!