11 Epic Fails That Belong in the Record Books

We all fail now and again (some of us more often than we admit on social media). Sometimes it’s nothing big, and other times it causes our partner to make fun of us and maybe we even chuckle a bit to ourselves about what an idiot we are.

Other times, though, the world really deserves to be let in on the fail, because it’s just that epic.

These 11 moments are guaranteed to make you gasp at least once. Just wait and see.

11. That’s the last thing people want to be at a clinic.

Unless they’re hoping to be pregnant, I suppose.

10. Yeah that seems legit.

Or the opposite. Hard to say.

9. They do know the internet exists, right?

Like…a simple Google would do it.

8. Gotta respect the priorities.

I’m sure she’ll find love after vaccination.

7. He’s very sure he knows what he’s talking about.

Kids these days, am I right?

6. My dude. No.

That was an easy rejection, I suppose.

5. Ouch, that one hurts.

I hope she gives him another chance.

4. There must be another Jennifer.

It’s the only logical explanation.

3. I hope this isn’t supposed to be an apology.

Because if so, it sucks.

2. This same thing happened to me!

It’s impossible not to look guilty while you’re stealing mail.

1. She’s gotta think about herself, y’all.

She’s got a long life to live.

I cannot with these people, y’all. I am just so glad that this week it isn’t me.

What’s your most epic fail that people deserve to hear about? Tell us about it down in the comments!