11 Fails That Are Among the Best Things About the Year We’ll Never Mention Again

Well, THAT year has come and gone and we’re now left to celebrate ALL of the fails that happened during THAT year that… which will never be mentioned again.

Seriously… don’t even think about the year that was between 2019 and 2021. It’s not worth it. You’ll just make yourself angry. In fact, I’m angry just thinking about you possibly thinking about it. And how silly is that?

No, let’s instead look back on some silly, hilarious fails and move past it all… quickly and efficiently.

Let’s go!

1. Oh yes… I wanted the drill bit FOR GIANTS!

And he got it!

When you order the wrong size
byu/lol62056 infacepalm

2. Wow… somebody wasn’t paying attention.

Or maybe… they were getting revenge!

3. I mean, that’s only if you don’t like your coffee garlicky AF

Me, I love garlic coffee. So…

Image Credit: Tumblr

4. That second line…

… is the best and most cringey thing you’ll ever read.

5. Mmmmmmmmmm, just like mom never used to make.

It’ll only take EIGHT MORE HOURS!!

When you come home and your house doesn’t smell like pot roast (r.slowcooking)
byu/notpreposterous inWellthatsucks

6. Well… isn’t that some s**t!

“I can’t believe you’ve betrayed me like this, Roomba!”

7. I didn’t even realize they melted!

Did you know they melted?!

8. Okay, now that’s rough AF.

Nobody deserves to be treated like that.

It was 0530, I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry
byu/TheRimOfTheWorld inWellthatsucks

9. People are going to have some VERY sticky hands.

Sticky… but delicious!

Image Credit: Know Your Meme

10. Wait… you don’t know your project partner’s name?

Hahaha… classic!


11. I’ll give you ONE guess.

Or… I’ll give you 630 guesses.

Alright, did we get all of that out our system? Laughed at some fails and now we can move on into the future with nary a mention of the year that never was?

Good! I’m glad we can agree.

But first, I want to hear from you! Which of these fails tickled your funny bone in JUST the right way?

Let us know in the comments!