11 Mysterious Times “The Simpsons” Predicted the Future

The Simpsons is currently enjoying it’s 32nd season on the air, which means it’s nearly the age of a middle-aged person – and it has seen just as much happen in the world since it aired.

Which is weird, because it seems to have predicted as much about our world as it has witnessed, and now it’s been around long enough to riff on the events it long ago predicted in what passed for comedy at the time.

Don’t believe me? Here are 11 moments predicted by The Simpsons that have now come to pass.

11. Smartwatches are old hat.

They were using a watch as a phone back in 1995.

Image Credit: Fox

10. Right down to the pearls.

I am shook.

9. In 2003, Siegfried and Roy had a little trouble with their white tiger.

Ten years earlier, they were mauled by one on The Simpsons.

Image Credit: Fox

8. To be fair, we know we can always count on Tom Hanks.

Thank goodness he survived covid to help us out.

Image Credit: Twitter

7. Disney and 20th Century Fox.

In 1998, Homer sold a script to 20th Century Fox…which had just been taken over by Disney. That happened for real 19 years later.

Image Credit: Fox

6. On the show the three-eyed fish was a sign that pollution was getting out of control.

So…they nailed that, too.

Image Credit: Fox

5. In 1994, Dolph’s Apple Newton made an “autocorrect.”

It changed “beat up martin” to “eat up martha.” In 2005, autocorrect was rolled out for real.

Image Credit: Fox

4. The “God Particle.”

Scientists confirmed the existence of the Higgs Boson back in 2012…14 years after Homer illustrated an undiscovered particle on a blackboard.

Image Credit: Fox

3. A Nobel Prize winner.

Millhouse bet on MIT professor Bengt Holmstrom to win a Nobel Prize – which he did 6 years later.

Image Credit: Fox

2. The faulty voting machine.

Homer voted for Obama but the votes were changed to Romney – just like happened in Pennsylvania in 2008.

Image Credit: Fox

1. Censorship of the David statue.

Yes, residents of St. Petersburg actually wanted the “indecent” statue covered, just like on the show.

Image Credit: Fox

It’s eerie, right? And not quite as funny now that it’s happened.

What’s your favorite “The Simpsons predicted it!” moment? If it’s not on this list, share it with us in the comments!