11 Of The Dumbest Questions We’ve Seen Online

There are so many people in the world, and let’s be honest – intelligence isn’t a strength for all of us. That said, those of us who feel like we have things to learn are usually thoughtful about what questions they ask, just so they don’t ask something they should be able to find the answers to themselves.

These 11 people have no such qualms, and luckily for the rest of us, someone else thought to screencap the question and post it online.

So please, enjoy.

11. This is actually a good question.

In that I have no idea what the answer is, but…I guess no?

Classy suicide
byu/Destinyizer inInsanePeopleQuora

10. That’s not how that works.

I guarantee you there’s a reason.

Boy. I wonder why he stopped cutting their hair.
byu/Joshhart916 inInsanePeopleQuora

9. Immoral is one word for it.

Another is ‘insane.’

uh yes it’s immoral
byu/HippoTown278 inInsanePeopleQuora

8. Hypothetically? I’m terrified of you.

Who would think this would be a good idea?

byu/IKnowEveryDigitOfPi inInsanePeopleQuora

7. We’ve got bigger problems than this question, I think.

I’m not sure exactly how to parse them, though.

byu/MisterMango3 inInsanePeopleQuora

6. How is this fair to the Muslims?

If that’s the question, I want to know the answer, too.

Entitled Mom is mad her son is racist
byu/okbreeze inInsanePeopleQuora

5. You still need intact brains.

For today, anyway.

big pharma killed jfk confirmed
byu/commentator184 inInsanePeopleQuora

4. Only if you want to pay for therapy.

Not that it seems as if you’re going to be able to avoid it.

Is it too bad for a 4 years old?
by inInsanePeopleQuora

3. Where to even start with this.

Separating fiction and reality can be tough…for toddlers.

My brain just hemorrhaged. Ohhhh, honey–where to start with this.
byu/hurrcutmcguts inInsanePeopleQuora

2. That’s not a nickname.

That’s just you being a bully.

That’s not nice
byu/its_reddit_user inInsanePeopleQuora

1. Not everything is a choice.

Even the things that seem like they should be.

“why do some people choose to live in depression?”
by inInsanePeopleQuora

I cannot even fathom the lives that made people ask these questions in the first place, to be honest.

What’s the dumbest question someone has asked you? If it’s on par with these, we want you to tell us what it was in the comments!