Partners-To-Be Dish On Their Choice To Have Joint Bachelor/ette Parties

There are all kinds of traditions that surround modern marriage. People are able to pick and choose so they end up with the wedding they’ve always wanted – you just have to hope you and your partner are on the same page.

One of those traditions people can take or leave is a bachelor/bachelorette party, but more and more, couples are choosing to do them together.

I think you can come up with some potential reasons on your own, but if you’re curious how it turns out, these 11 people have already done it!

11. Some of these are fairly innocent.

Definitely not all of them, though.

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10. This could get super awkward.

Mostly for the friends, I would think.

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9. Girl time is important.

Plenty of people are not going to want to give that up.

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8. I guess it was that important.

To each their own.

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7. This is a fun idea.

If you’re the competitive types.

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6. Party on, Wayne.

That definitely qualifies as a winning night.

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5. If you’ve got a reason to worry…

You might want to rethink more than the party.

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4. Just a little throwback.

Hopefully they weren’t too old to enjoy it.

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3. It sounds ideal for this couple.

And weddings are all about what work for the two of you.

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2. If everyone agrees…

I suppose there’s no harm and no foul.

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1. I’ll leave this without comment.

Because I really don’t have anything nice to say.

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I don’t know if this is going to catch on or not.

I can definitely see why it would hold some appeal for some, though!