11 People Confess The Craziest Lies They Told Themselves

We’re all gullible sometimes, y’all. For most of us, it’s impossible to know everything about everything, and so we might believe something if we trust the source.

We can find out later, of course, that what we were told and what we believe were total lies. It never feels great to realize we’ve been duped, but if you can manage to get a perspective, maybe someday it will seem funny, too.

These 11 people were the ones telling the lies, and I bet even they were shocked these ones passed the sniff test.

11. Everyone knows everyone in L.A.

That’s the way it works, right?

Image Credit: Whisper

10. I have questions.

Starting with how she got home.

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9. Wait the whole family, too?

That kind of makes it worse.

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8. I kind of wish she was lying.

The alternative should make us all cringe.

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7. Ok but why though.

I need answers.

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6. When you can’t do both things…

Someone is going to have to believe a lie, maybe.

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5. The doctors didn’t want to get involved.

But they just didn’t have a choice.

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4. That’s hilarious.

I bet the teacher totally loved it.

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3. I hope they didn’t really buy that.

It’s seriously the only excuse in the books.

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2. Let them believe what they want.

Unless you want them to believe otherwise.

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1. A whole string of excuses.

Maybe it was like the perfect storm.

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I don’t know if they’re ready to laugh about it, but I’ve certainly got the giggles.

Have you ever fallen for a doozy? Told one? Please tell us the story in the comments!