11 People Gush About The Nicest Celebrities They’ve Met

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to meet a celebrity, whether planned or spontaneous, can tell you it can honestly go either way.

You can walk away feeling like all of your feelings about them have been validated, or you can walk away disappointed that you met them at all.

These 11 people had the good kind of experience, though, so no need to gird you loins – just secondhand enjoy their happy moments, eh?

11. Not snobby at all.

And honestly he has every right to be.

Image Credit: Twitter

10. He talked to Mom, too.

This story pretty much makes me love him forever.

9. Who wouldn’t be stoked?

He seems like a guy who enjoys the little things.

8. You know you look a little familiar.

I bet Jackman found that interaction so wholesome, too.

7. You’ve gotta be sweet to kids.

It means so much to them.

6. I knew he would smell good.

How could Cap ever smell bad??

5. I can see this happening.

One of the funniest guys ever.

Image Credit: Someecards

4. He’s just like a regular guy.

Who has found the fountain of youth and refuses to share its location.

3. Thats very chill.

I know plenty of regular people who won’t let the “help” touch their stuff.

2. So super cool.

Just like it’s not a big deal.

1. I still think about her sometimes.

I hope that she’s doing well.

I love hearing stories like these to counteract all of the bad ones, don’t you?

If you’ve had a good experience with a celeb, tell us about it in the comments!