Was It Creepy And Weird Of This Guy To Put A Camera In His Bedroom?

I think most adults know that living near or with other human beings can be a bit of a trial, even in the best of times…and sadly, we’ve probably all had roommates and neighbors who have ensured nothing is the “best” about the times we spent near them.

This guy is living with another male while they’re in college, each in their own bedroom in a two-bedroom apartment. They both have significant others that stay over occasionally, and OP often works nights.

I(22M) live in an apartment with my roommate(22M). We are both attending college part-time and get along well with one another. The lease is under my name only, my roommate is not planning on living in the apartment after college. I do work night shift 3 days a week.

My hours are 7PM-7:00AM. He sometimes has his girlfriend stay overnight, which is no problem as my boyfriend will stay when he visits.

OP recently noticed that his sheets are sometimes mussed when he comes home, and also there are articles of clothing in the bed that don’t belong to him or his boyfriend.

He hates confronting people and figures evidence is the best way to go, so he ordered a camera and installed it in his room.

When I come home from work, I have been noticing my bed has been a mess and I’ve found clothing that did not belong to me in the sheets. I am awful with confronting people, but I know it’s not my boyfriend as he lets me know beforehand when he is staying over.

I ordered a camera and placed it in a spot where it can’t be seen.

When there was motion he checked the feed, and saw his roommate and his girlfriend fooling around in his bed.

He immediately turned it off, but did share it with his boyfriend later trying to decide what to do.

I went into work and the camera app notified me that there was motion in the room. I turned the camera on and saw my roommate and his girlfriend on my bed. I was mortified and stopped watching the video.

My boyfriend came over in the morning and I showed him the video of my roommate and girlfriend on my bed.

They texted the roommate, whose excuse was that OP’s bed is more comfortable (?) but was basically OK when he told him to stop.

The girlfriend, though, freaked out about his using a secret camera and filming her without consent, so now he’s wondering if that was really wrong.

My boyfriend texts the video to my roommate and he texts back that he wants to talk when he gets home. Roommate and I talk about the situation and I tell him that it’s disgusting that he and his girlfriend are using my bed. Roommate’s defense is that the bed is more comfortable than his.

His girlfriend comes over in the evening and she starts attacking me for putting a camera in the apartment.

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The top comment says he is for sure NTA, because they are being super weird.

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I mean seriously it’s so weird.

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They’re definitely trying to deflect who is doing something wrong here, and there’s a sliding scale.

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Basically this is something that is a total deal-breaker.

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Maybe they even owe OP some money?

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This is totally weird, y’all, but I’m not sure it’s like, kick them out weird.

Am I wrong? Tell me your takes in the comments!