11 People Share the Scariest Stories They Know Which Are Completely True

I want to give you a heads-up that the stories you’re about to read are scary, true, and they have links to unsettling pictures.

Take a look at these stories from AskReddit users and prepare to get creeped out.

WARNING: Some of the photos linked below are disturbing, so please proceed with caution.

1. Brutal.

“Rather recently, last year a fire broke out in a two-storey residence in the Philippines. The windows have railings on them which trapped the victim inside. (Warning. Burnt body in the 2nd pic)
Here is the photo during the fire, the photo is believed to be the father trying to rescue his son

And here is the photo after the fire, you can see the kid is stuck in the window grills. The firefighters couldn’t immediately remove the kid’s body so they covered it initially, and returned to remove the grills along with the body.”

2. Total creep.

“Luka Magnotta and the icepick m**der of Jun Lin.

Short version : a gay man invites another gay man for a one night stand off of craigslist. He then brutally m**ders the man and dismembered him. Kept his head in a fridge fed body parts to the dog and even gave himself a hand**b with the man’s severed hand.

He posts it to a gore website. This wasn’t his first time posting himself doing despicable things. People were also hunting him down for cat videos of him k**ling them and doing sick things.

This happened in Canada in 2012. Covered deeply in the Netflix doc “Don’t F**k with Cats” m***er of jun lin

3. Scary.

A man took a photo of his family at the exact moment he was gunned down.

This happened on New Year’s Eve of 2011, and it was very tragic. Not sure if you can consider this scary, but to me, it was and still is.”

4. Public Execution.

Last public execution in Albania .

These guys, brothers 24 & 22, k**led a family of 4 and the newborn of 7 months, str**gled with hands on his crib while sleeping so that it wouldn’t grow up and seek revenge. Truly twisted. Their last words were: “I have nothing to say”.

The judge that ordered the execution lost his mind shortly and became homeless a year after.

They were lynched in the middle of one of the most populated cities of Albania, Fier.”

5. Ghost flight.

“Helios flight 522 also called “ghost flight” because of a wrongly turned switch there was no pressurization. The pilots couldn’t identify the problem and because of hypoxia everyone on the plane except one d**d.

The disturbing thing is that the plane was on autopilot and simply flew to its destination only stayed at 30000 feet. Figther jets were scrambled and took a picture. They reported seeing everyone livelessly but after two hours saw 1 person entering the cockpit which was a crew member.

He tried getting the plane to descend but after 3 minutes after he entered the cockpit the left engine spun out because of fuel starvation. 7 minutes after that the right engine.

Flight data recorded a yoke pull (pitching the plane up) of the maximum amount a human could deliver seconds before impact.

The picture taken by the fighter pilots still give the chills.

Reddit post

6. Fire.

“Probably the Garley Building fire in the urban area of Hong Kong during 1996 which took 41 lives.

There was TV live that day and there was just one guy who cling to the window trying to shout for help. But the fire took him and he was burnt to d**th on live TV. Later the corpse just kept clinging to the window with fire burning behind him.

The mentioned photo

7. Awful.

“The Seoul ferry tragedy where the students recorded their final moments stuck in the sinking ship their final reactions.”

8. Unsolved.

“Probably the Delphi m**ders where the girls took a photo and recorded audio/video of the k**ler.

Still hasn’t been caught.

Right link

9. Bombing.

“Theres a lovely pic of a dad with a kid on his shoulders, a town crossroads in the background, a parked car right behind them and people all around.

Seems innocent until you look up Omagh Bombings and see the state of the same spot 10~ minutes later. The kid and man in the photo posed next to a car packed with 500 pounds (230 kg) of fertiliser-based explosives. it was planted there by a splinter group of the Irish Republican Army.

The IRA had agreed to a cease fire after decades of unrest in northern Ireland called The Troubles. The splinter group didn’t agree and planted the bomb. They called the police to give a heads up they had planted a bomb, in typical IRA fashion but the coordinates weren’t given and police unknowingly pushed people closer to the bomb.

It k**led 29 people including a woman pregnant with twins and injured 200+. Making it the most deadly one off incident of the troubles. Eerie to see the first photo and know within minutes the place would be shattered. The boy and the man survived but the woman who took the photo didn’t unfortunately.”

10. Horrific.

“Josef Fritzl – the pictures of the basement where he kept his daughter.


11. Disturbing.

“I remember the award-winning picture of Kevin Carter that drove him to k**l himself.

It is a picture of a vulture standing behind an extremely malnourished boy somewhere in Africa.

That picture haunted me for days when I was young.”

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