11 People Who Were Bullied As Kids Talk About How Life Is Now

Now that we have access to the internet and everyone’s childhood experiences, it can certainly seem as if more people were bullied as kids than weren’t – which is sad, but also somehow comforting.

These 11 people are looking back on how far they’ve come and thinking about how being bullied shaped them into the people they are now.

11. Well that’s a turnabout.

Relish the moment.

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10. It can really teach you a lot about people.

Including how you want to live your own life.

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9. It’s the best path to take.

Always look up.

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8. Some things get better with age.

You never know whether or not it will be you!

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7. Probably weren’t really your friends.

And that’s its own kind of blessing.

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6. And you relish in saying “no thanks.”

At least I hope you do.

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5. You gotta live your life.

Hopefully you’re enjoying it!

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4. I’m sure that they do.

They’re probably hoping maybe you’ll forget, though.

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3. That will be a pass.

With a side of delightful cackle.

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2. Growing up is great for some of us.

Count yourself lucky.

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1. I applaud you, ma’am!

Enjoy your time!

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There’s almost always a silver lining, you know?

If you were bullied as a kid, let us know in the comments how you think it changed you!