11 Servers Share the Story of Their Worst Customer Ever

Waiting tables was honestly one of my favorite jobs ever – you worked with fun people, the job was fast-paced so it was hard to get bored, the hours were nice (if you’re a certain age) and the money wasn’t bad either.

It wasn’t all good, though, and aside from cleaning stinky stuff in the kitchen, dealing with customers could definitely be the low point of any day – a fact these 11 servers are going to prove with tales about the worst people they’ve served.

11. When they actually write in ZERO.

Major dislike.

Image Credit: Ruin My Week

10. I have actually done this.

I’m not sure I know a server who hasn’t.

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9. Don’t be like these people.

We don’t like them at all.

8. You can’t do this, though.

Not unless you want to lose your job.

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7. All you can do is your best.

But sometimes that doesn’t pay your rent.

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6. We call those verbal tippers.

They’re not the best.

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5. Definitely not the way to get a date.

Or make friends or be a decent human being.

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4. I definitely agree with this sentiment.

Solidarity. Order takeout.

3. I bet they thought that was adorable, too.

Spoiler alert: that’s not cute.

2. The rage when this happens.

It’s like you’ve wasted your entire shift.

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1. I mean…you’re trusting a whole kitchen staff an awful lot.

I bet he doesn’t tip much, either.

I’ve gotta say, I don’t miss tables like these!

If you’ve ever been a server, add your horror story to the pile in the comments.