11 Sneaky Pieces of Industry Jargon You Never Knew

Every industry has interesting ways of saying certain things, and most of us have no idea what these coded terms mean unless we’re part of the business.

Today we’re taking a look at 11 of these words or phrases and explaining exactly what they mean, and why they mean it.

And away we go!

11. Bear Sh*t

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This is roofer lingo. It’s the tar-like sealant use to waterproof roofs.

Because, apparently, it’s just like the real thing!


10. Topless Meeting

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This is relatively new thing in the corporate world.

Basically, in order for something to be “topless”… no electronic devices are allowed. That way people can avoid distractions.

9. Wantrepreneur

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You know this guy… or gal.

They always talk about starting their own business… but do they?

No. They don’t. Thus… the “want” part.

8. Bitching Betty

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This one is from the airline industry and refers to the aircraft warning system.

The voice is female, and when it gives pilots a life-saving warning… they claim it’s just “bitching.”

Yeah, we didn’t say these were politically correct.

7. Gator on the Zipper

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Hey! Some good ol’ trucker lingo!

Yeah, it’s sound like this would hurt… but it’s really just what they call a blown tire in the road.

Why? Because gators have rubbery skin and the road had a dotted line down the middle.

Maybe. We can’t verify that.

6. Opening the Kimono

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Again, another term from the business world that means revealing a KEY piece of information.

We’re not sure this is politically correct or not, but if you feel offended… we didn’t make it up.

5. Dead Cat Bounce

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When an asset, be it a stock or a property or anything of value, has a brief rebound… with the expectation it’ll continue to fall.

Yanno, because dead cats bounce when falling from great heights.

4. Red Star Cluster and Brown Star Cluster

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Yep, it’s a two-fer and these are military terms.

Red Star Cluster is a signal flare in the sky. So what’s a Brown Star Cluster?

Another signal… but it happens in your trousers after you panic.

Yep, it means you s**t yourself. Which is always fun.

3. Speech Banana

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This one is actually science based.

There are these things called audiograms, which are charts of pitches and volumes of sound.

The Speech Banana is a very discernible region where every sound in every language is located.

Speech Bananas unite humanity!

2. Urban Whitefish

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This one comes from sanitation workers in New York City, so you know it’s gotta be good.

Yes, it’s a kind of garbage, and yes it’s gross.

Used condoms.


1. Christmas Tree

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This comes from the well and oil industries and refers to a complicated assembly of valves that are used on both surface and subsea wells that controls the flow of wells.

And yes, it looks a bit like that holiday favorite.

So there ya have it! Did any of this surprise you? Anything make you cringe?

Let us know in the comments!