12 Code Words That Industries Use and Don’t Want People to Know

Have you ever heard a term and thought, “WTF does that mean?!?”

Yeah, me too. And that’s why I’m writing this today. Because certain industries have these code words that they use to trick us… and I’m just not one for many secrets.

Today we’ll be looking at 12 code words used by select fields that you never knew until now.

Let’s go!

12. Pucker Factor

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When shizz gets real on the battlefield… how much “pucker factor” is how much you have to clench your cheeks IF you don’t want to, well… shizz yourself.

Pucker up, buttercup!

11. Birth Control Glasses

You know those REALLY ugly glasses that the military gives out?

Yeah, those will prevent you from having any sex.

Thus… birth control glasses!

10. Yoda Conditions

Photo Credit: Alvin Alexander

When computer programmers basically just reverse the terms of expression… a condition Yoda it is.

The graphic above illustrates a situation like this. When the terms are reversed, it can mean something completely opposite or even unrelated.

9. P.O.O.H.

Photo Credit: Disney/YouTube

No, this isn’t about the charming literary character with a proclivity for honey.

But… when there’s not enough honey (oil) in the hole… it’s time to pull out.

Or… “Pull Out Of Hole”

8. Suck. Squeeze. Bang. Blow.

Photo Credit: iStock

I’d tell you to get your mind out of the gutter, but there’s no way this wasn’t conceived by a naughty mind.

A four-stroke engine (stroke…heh) goes through these stages in its power cycle.

Of course there are other names for these stages, and here they are: intake (suck), compression (squeeze), combustion and power stroke (bang), and exhaust (blow).

That was satisfying!

7. Crop Dusting

Photo Credit: iStock

This one is hilarious because we ALL knew this happened.

It’s when flight attendants silently rip a fart while they walk down the aisle.

Yep! Knew it!

6. Bury The Hatchet

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This one is actually terrifying, because it involves mistakes in medicine.

When a surgeon leaves one of their instruments inside somebody during a surgery… and they need to just make peace with that fact… that’s burying the hatchet.


5. Penguin Diagram

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This one is funny because it’s based on a joke.

The story goes that physicist John Ellis lost a bet and had to include the word “penguin” somewhere in a paper of his.

Thus “penguin diagrams” was born to describe interactions between quantum particles.

Not a bad way to lose a bet!

4. Refuctoring

Photo Credit: iStock

If you’re a computer programmer, or any employee of any company, the last thing you want to do is get replaced by somebody else.

This is where programmers have a big advantage over other people because they can make their code almost impossible to understand. And if it’s impossible to understand… nobody can maintain it.

If nobody can maintain it… a programmer can’t be fired otherwise the whole project is in jeopardy.

3. Angel Lust

Photo Credit: iStock

So there’s this thing called mortuary sciences, which basically means what happens to people after they’re dead. So that’s fun.

One of the more unexpected things that happens when somebody dies is that the electrical activity in their body does NOT stop.

And so, you get things like corpse erections. Yes, that actually happens.

The solution? Wait for it to die down.


2. Deceptionist

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Some people who answer the phones are there to help. But not the deceptionists. Their job is to prevent people from reaching their bosses.

I wonder if

1. “Cum” Folder

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Pronounced “cume” … this one has to do with kid’s school records or cumulative records.

Yeah, we don’t know why they shortened it either. But I guess we all have a sense of humor.

So… any of those that you knew? Anything particular shocking?

Let us know in the comments!