11 Times Brands Got Totally Roasted Online

Every brand out there has a social media presence these days. The people in charge of their content answer questions, tweet out blasts about deals and specials, and handle customer service complaints when they come along.

This presence also, however, opens them up to public scrutiny and, when warranted, ridicule – and these 11 brands got completely and totally roasted when they should have seen it coming.

11. Worry boutcha self.

We’re all out here waiting for our money.

10. Oooh snap.

This one is flat-out ruthless.

9. For the love of god.

Just treat people like human beings.

8. Don’t play with us.

Also you’re making plenty of money everyone loves you both.

Image Credit: Someecards

7. It seems like a lot.

But it’s just one thing, really.

6. Ooh, Sis had something to SAY.

And I am 100% here for it.

5. So do it already.

Less talk and more action, my friends.


4. There’s no music on MTV.

So what are they on about?

3. That’s what we really want.

I mean, also for the ice cream machines to be working.

2. That’s gotta hurt.

It is terrible water, though.


1. This one is so subtle and clever.

It’s just *chef’s kiss* perfection.

I wonder whether or not these social media managers were replaced the next day – you’ve got to be able to see the punches before they land.

There are plenty of people out there full of snark and Twitter savvy, so I’m sure they’ll have better luck next time around.

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